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What can the injection molding machine produce

Source: NINGBO ONGO PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.Release time: 2021-07-15

Automobile industry: automobile lamp housing, most automobile interior parts, automobile bumpers, etc.

Electronics industry: mobile phone shells and some mechanical parts, laptop shells, desktop computer monitor shells, mice, keyboards, USB, etc.

Household appliances: TV shells, washing machines, refrigerators, hair dryers, telephones, power switches, sockets, electric kettles, handles and bases, etc.

Daily necessities: microwave lunch boxes, water cups, plastic stools, plastic tables, plastic storage boxes, plastic flower pots, plastic dustpans, plastic bowls, plastic basins, plastic toys, water dispenser shells, drying racks, etc.

Cosmetics industry: some cosmetic packaging (bottles, caps), etc.

Medical industry: disposable syringes, devices for adjusting liquid volume on infusion tubes, etc.

Office supplies industry: whiteboard pens, ink pens, rulers, document holders, printer shells, copier shells, fax machine shells, etc.

Except for the film and the bottle with big mouth and big mouth, the plastic things around us are made by blow molding, blister molding or thermocompression molding. Most of the other plastic things are injection molded.